Summer Programs for Educators

The SCCH will be hosting two summer institutes for teachers again in 2022!

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The SCCH hosted two institutes for teachers in the summer of 2021.
Read the description of these institutes below.

I. Foundations of Teaching the Holocaust (July 19-23)

II. Americans and the Holocaust (July 26-30)

Key Benefits

  • Teachers can earn 3 graduate credit hours from the University of South Carolina for each course and the cost of each course for each teacher will be covered by the SCCH.
  • Teachers will receive hands-on training in content, pedagogy, and methodology.
  • Additionally, participating teachers will also receive books and resources to use in their classroom.

Course Descriptions

I. Foundations of Teaching the Holocaust

This course is intended for K-12 teachers, and other education stakeholders, seeking increased knowledge of teaching and learning about the Holocaust as well as deepening pedagogical understanding of inquiry based approaches in Holocaust education. During the course, participants will examine what actions were necessary on the part of individuals (ordinary citizens, military officers, teachers, clergy, and so on) to enact and maintain a system that killed millions of Jews and others. The workshop also examines South Carolina-related resources, and different teaching methodologies (i.e., oral testimonies, historical inquiry, literature, and primary sources).

This course is useful for all teachers, most notably for those who are new to teaching the Holocaust and/or those who wish to have a firm understanding of both the context of the event and how to approach teaching it in the classroom.

II. Americans and the Holocaust

This course design is inspired by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s traveling America and the Holocaust exhibit which will be on display at the Richland Library in Columbia, SC in June and July 2021. This course is intended for educators seeking an increased understanding of the American perspective of the Holocaust as it was happening in the period of 1933 - 1945.

While the participants will engage in learning about the context of the Holocaust as a whole, the focus will be to address three central questions: What did Americans know about the Holocaust? How did America respond to the Holocaust? Why did America respond in the way that it did?

This course is open to all K-12 teachers and educational stakeholders. While it is not necessary to have taken the Foundations of Teaching the Holocaust or other related coursework before, it is helpful for participants to have a good grounding in the context of the Holocaust when choosing to take this course.


Every other year, the South Carolina Council on the Holocaust sponsors a trip to Eastern Europe so that educators and the general public can gain a deeper understanding of authentic sites of the Holocaust. The trip concentrates on sites in Poland, including the Memorial Museum at Auschwitz-Birkenau and the neighboring town from which the concentration camp got its name Oswiecim. Participants also visit important places of Jewish culture, such as Kazimierz, the former Jewish quarter of Krakow. Often, the trip adds an additional location to help show the scope of the Holocaust across the European continent. For example, in 2019, the trip included a weekend in Amsterdam with a special visit to the Anne Frank House.

Additionally, the trip is coordinated in conjunction with the University of South Carolina which offers graduate course credit for those teachers who complete required assignments associated with the trip. The costs of these graduate credits are underwritten by the South Carolina Council on the Holocaust.

The next trip will take place in the summer of 2022.

Trip Costs

The recent events of the pandemic make estimating the cost of the next trip in 2022 challenging, but it is likely to be approximately $3500 plus airfare. Once a projected cost is confirmed it will be shared here.

The trip is open to all SC educators. Additionally, there will be a special funding option: SC-certified educators with current contracts to teach in the state of South Carolina are eligible to apply for a scholarship to offset a portion of the costs of travel.

More information about the trip, the cost, funding options, and scholarships will be shared on this page by the fall of 2021.

If you are interested in the trip and you wish to have more details about the trip sent directly to you once they are known please complete this brief form: Poland Trip Interest Form.