South Carolina Council on the Holocaust

“The work that the SC Council on the Holocaust does is so important for our students in South Carolina. Having a chance to discuss and reflect on the past gives students the tools to be better citizens for our future.”

--Molly Spearman, State Superintendent of Education


The South Carolina Council on the Holocaust was created by the South Carolina Legislature in 1989. It’s purpose “is to develop an educational program to prevent future atrocities similar to the systematic program of genocide of six million Jews and others by the Nazis. The program must honor the survivors of the Holocaust and their descendants and the South Carolinians and their descendants who participated in the liberation of concentration camps. The Council also shall develop and establish an appropriate program for an annual observance of the Holocaust.”

The Council consists of 12 members: four appointed by the Governor, four appointed by the President of the Senate, and four appointed by the Speaker of the House. While the mainstay of Council funding is appropriated by the legislature, the Council also accepts gifts and contributions from individuals, foundations, corporations and other organizations and institutions for the purpose of furthering its educational objectives.

Over the years, the Council’s educational programs have directly reached more than 150,000 students as well as countless others through a variety of community programs.