South Carolina Council on the Holocaust

“The work that the SC Council on the Holocaust does is so important for our students in South Carolina. Having a chance to discuss and reflect on the past gives students the tools to be better citizens for our future.”

--Molly Spearman, State Superintendent of Education

  Surrounding the opening and showing of the exhibit are many activities related to the study of the Holocaust.  Please try to attend one or more of these interesting and scholarly events.

2018 SC Student Short Film Competition

To Auschwitz and Back: The Joe Engel Story
Film Screening and Conversation
October 18, 2018 @ 7pm

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film festival


Holocaust Remembered Exhibit dates for 2018

The "Holocaust Remembered" exhibit is scheduled to visit local and state churches and colleges. The exhibit will be viewed for 2 weeks throughout the midlands and will allow all parishioners to learn the facts of the Holocaust and local testimonials from survivors and liberators.

Portable Exhibit

Planning Fall Holocaust Remembered exhibit venues now. If interested in bringing the exhibit to your church or organization, please contact Barry Abels at

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