South Carolina Council on the Holocaust

“The work that the SC Council on the Holocaust does is so important for our students in South Carolina. Having a chance to discuss and reflect on the past gives students the tools to be better citizens for our future.”

--Molly Spearman, State Superintendent of Education

Eastern European Educational Trip 2019
The South Carolina Council on the Holocaust will sponsor its biennial Travel/Study Tour to Eastern Europe beginning Monday, June 17th through Friday, June 28th (2019). Cities to visit will be Warsaw, Lublin, Krakow and Amsterdam. Optional extension available for minimum six/6 to Berlin. Death camps, work camps, memorials and museums are on the itinerary. 

The historical drama of the Holocaust is of special interest to students, teachers, religious leaders and many people whose families may have originated in Eastern Europe. The Tour is open to the general public. Financial assistance is offered to the first 10 qualified and certified South Carolina public or private school teachers. Teachers must be working in a SC public or private school or holding a contract for the 2019-2020 school year. Graduate credit is possible. The Council's mission is to encourage and support Holocaust education. 

For further information, please contact Leah F. Chase Email: Cell 843.830.6049 in Charleston SC


Poland Trip 2015 Photos


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